Top Mexican Tweeters

CNN Mexico recently compiled a list of the 140 top tweeters from Mexico.  Here is the link to all 140, but they are also broken up by category.  For those interested in economics & finance, click here for more.

I need to check CNN’s list for new accounts to follow, but here is a list of my favorite twitter accounts on Mexico:

Alejandro Hope ‏ @ahope71
Investigador obsesionado con las drogas y el delito. Colaboro en IMCO. RT o ligas no significan aprobación o respaldo.

Alejandro Villagomez ‏ @favillagomez
Economista del CIDE; columnista del Universal; Blog Tintero Económico

Randy Archibold ‏ @rcarchiboldNYT
NY Times Bureau Chief, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Jefe de la Corresponsalía, Mexico, America Central y el Caribe. Panamanian-New Jerseyan.

Gabriel Stargardter ‏ @gabstargardter
Reporter @Reuters Mexico City.

Alfredo Corchado ‏ @ajcorchado
Mexico Bureau Chief for @dallasnews. Harvard Nieman Fellow. Author of Midnight in Mexico, Penguin memoir available May 2013:

Dolia Estevez ‏ @DoliaEstevez
Journalist, radio commentator, columnist, Forbes blogger. Author of El Embajador (Planeta) and U.S. Ambassadors to Mexico: the Relationship through their Eyes.

N. Parish Flannery ‏ @LatAmLENS
Nathaniel Parish Flannery writes about #Mexico & #LatAm for @TheAtlantic, FORTUNE, @Forbes, MONOCLE, @AmerQuarterly, and others. He is a @ColumbiaSIPA grad.

Luis Celhay ‏ @Celhay
Economics (ITAM), Financial Engineering (University of Michigan). Home: NYC, Born: Mexico City. ¡So, id! No con Dios.

Mexico Voices ‏ @MexicoVoices
Mexicans speak to their struggle to build democracy and secure the rule of law, justice and human rights in the midst the U.S.-imposed war on drugs.

Jonathan Heath ‏ @JonathanHeath54
Economista mexicano especializado en el estudio de la coyuntura y perspectivas macroeconómicas de México. Amante de los Negronis y la mixología.

Shannon O’Neil ‏ @shannonkoneil
Sr Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Author of Two Nations Indivisible: All views my own, RT not endorsements.

Mexico share ‏ @Mexicoshare
All the latest breaking news about Mexico

The Mexico Institute ‏ @MexicoInstitute
The Mexico Institute seeks to improve understanding, communication, and cooperation among the U.S.-Mexico through research, discussion, and policy ideas.


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