The not so friendly skies

Aeromexico has had to backpedal furiously as a backlash has formed against their recent casting call for a commercial.  In the call, they ask for “nobody dark skinned”, only actors with “white skin.”

According to the Washington Post, the casting call was even more specific:

“The casting call also seemed worded to exclude anyone who doesn’t look wealthy. It sought people “with a Polanco Look,” referring to a wealthy, largely white Mexico City neighborhood. It also said producers didn’t want a “government look,” an apparent reference to people who appear in ads promoting government social aid programs.”

This has me curious as to what the “government look” looks like.  Apparently it’s well known enough in Mexico that they expect applicants to understand the phrase.

When Kevin and I lived in Mexico, discriminatory job ads were relatively common.  We often saw job postings specifying gender, age, and aspect.  While the Aeromexico example is unfortunate, I also see it as positive in that there has been so much societal backlash against the racism in the ad.  That seems like a step in the right direction.

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