Mexican teachers, improving education one strike at a time

The teachers’ unions in Mexico are at it again.  The country faces massive problems in public schooling and a lot of it has to do with how the union runs things (and the relationship between the union and the PRI for much of the 20th century).  Now that the government wants to change things up and actually initiate real reform, the teachers are furious.  Laura Poy Solano writes in La Jornada that the union has put out a “massive call to the teachers of the country to promote an indefinite work stoppage beginning next week.” The unions claim to be coordinating with parents but I’m doubtful about that.

Just in case there was any idea what side they were on, they specifically called on teachers around the country “to join this fight against education reform.” 

Hmm, an indefinite strike, that should really help education levels in the country.


One thought on “Mexican teachers, improving education one strike at a time

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