The most bad-ass doctor ever

In an interesting article on drug cartels and extortion in Mexico, there are some unbelievable tidbits on a bad-ass doctor that refused to pay up.

Here’s how the good doctor originally reacted to extortion demands:

“When the threatening phone calls demanding $20,000 in protection money began in December, Dr. Roman Gomez Gaviria shrugged them off, believing his clinic on the outskirts of Mexico City couldn’t possibly be of interest to criminal gangs.”

Then, in what seems like an understatement, the doctor’s “sense of security was shattered when three armed men barged into his office screaming ‘Dr. Roman, you bastard, where are you?'”

The armed extortioners tried to drag the doctor out of the clinic and he makes this awesome statement: “They thought that, because I’m a doctor, I wasn’t going to resist.”  I don’t think it’s just because he was a doctor, I think they thought he wouldn’t resist because he valued his life.

So how did things work out?  The doctor “managed to break free from his kidnappers, grab one of their guns and shoot two of them to death at close range.”

He claims to live in fear of extortioners now but I think instead that they should live in fear of him!

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