You must be this poor to loot that store!

The looting and loss of life in Argentina is tragic.  For those not al día, here’s some background.

Inflation in Argentina is running at 25% plus, though official statistics drastically under-report it. Partly as a result, police forces throughout the country have been striking for higher wages. Thousands of Argentines have been taking advantage of their absence to liberate stuff from stores and businesses. At least 8 people are dead because of the looting.

Christina Kirchner responded as follows:

“President Cristina Kirchner railed against both the looters and police in a speech Tuesday to mark the 30th anniversary of the end of country’s dictatorship and return to democracy. To “see people who have cars looting is shameful,” she said. She also blasted the “extortion” from the police and accused unnamed political opponents of instigating the unrest.”


So, if you are too poor to own a car then looting is OK?

Hey Madam President: if inflation wasn’t so high and you hadn’t bullied your statisticians into lying about it, maybe the police wouldn’t be striking. 


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