Buy local, even if it’s crap

This article, entitled “Shoppers urged to buy shit British vegetables instead,” made my morning.  It’s short but it’s genius at getting at the ridiculousness of government demands to buy local.  If local goods were attractive, priced right, and in demand, then they wouldn’t need government laws to make people buy them.  But I guess that’s the point.

Here are some of my favorite lines from the article:

The government is calling on shoppers to source more of their pointless, dreadful food from British farmers. Environment secretary Owen Patterson said there was no need for Britain to import 40% of its fruit and vegetables when there was plenty of tasteless, watery rubbish being mass-produced on your doorstep.

“There are some very nice people in this country producing tomatoes in the sort of climate that does not produce good tomatoes. Help them.”

h/t Lee Crawfurd, who goes by the most excellent twitter handle of @rovingbandit

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