World Map of the Day, Export Edition

Simran Khosla, a Graphics Producer for the Global Post, has used data from the CIA Factbook to create an awesome world map showing the highest value export for every country in the world.  Click here for the article in the GP about the map.



There is a full screen version and also helpful enlargements of particular regions.  Here are a couple that I found particularly interesting.


It’s really clear from this map why experts may fear that Africa’s growth boom may be fueled almost entirely by commodity price increases.  Almost the entire continent depends either on oil, precious metals, or agricultural commodities like coffee or cotton.


Much the same could be said for South America, with the very large exception of Brazil.  I’m not totally sure what “transport equipment” means, but I was really surprised that it was their highest valued export.  I need to investigate further.

h/t to mental_floss, one of my favorite sites

5 thoughts on “World Map of the Day, Export Edition

  1. I’m pretty suspect of that statistic. Guessing it may have been a scraping error. Brazil exported $43 billion of iron ore in 2011, representing ~16% of total exports. Even stretching “transportation equipment” to include smaller things, I was only able to get to $20 billion from this data:

    Embraer has total exports of $6 billion in 2012, but that’s still a long way from $43 billion.

  2. Revised official data for 2013 exports in billion dollars is:

    Ores: 35
    Transport material: 31.5
    Soy complex 31
    Oil: 22
    Meat: 16

    Transport equipment is officially called transport material, and includes autos and planes that add up to 10 billion. Auto parts is the big piece of it.

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