Freedom Fries: Venezuela edition

So Mickey D’s is apparently having trouble getting it’s American made frozen potatoes into foreign hot oil which has put them in hot water in Venezuela.

Some kind of labor dispute with shippers has caused foreign fry shortages, at least in Japan and Venezuela.

As usual, Knuckles took the news calmly, proclaiming that Ronald had joined the “economic war” against his Bolivarian Republic (quick aside: Hey Knucky! your two year bonds are yielding over 60%. French fries are not really relevant here).

And one government official has urged folks to eat 100% made in Venezuela yucca fries instead.

People, if McDonalds had yucca fries, I might actually go! How awesome would that be? Migas, platanos con crema, y yucca frita. Desayuno de campeones!

One thought on “Freedom Fries: Venezuela edition

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