Latin American News Round Up

1. From tragedy to defending champs, Juarez Football team makes a comeback  Three years ago, “gunmen killed two players and injured several more as they celebrated a birthday in a notorious attack in Ciudad Juarez.”

2. A button in Brazil may change a culture. “The electronic devices use GPS technology to quickly signal that a woman needs help, and they transmit images that help police track down the attacker.”

3. As a Boom Slows, Peru Grows Uneasy.  “Hey, wait a minute, we were going to be the next Inca tiger, what a disappointment.”

4. Mexico Chamber of Deputies Approves Professional Teaching Service Act. “Lawmakers from the opposition parties argued that this is a “legislative albazo” [“strike at dawn”], given the conditions that Congress finds itself surrounded by demonstrations against the education reform in the context of Enrique Peña Nieto’s first government report.”

5. Which is scarier – Brazil’s taxman or a murderous husband?  “Tax code on your receipt, madam?” Customer: “On a bill this size? God forbid, my husband would kill me!”

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