That’s so Bobby (Mugabe)

Bobby Mugabe has struck again!  There isn’t anything shiny and successful that Mugabe doesn’t want to grab control of and drive into the ground.  Apparently, there is a fashion label called the House of Gushungo that manufactures “t-shirts, umbrellas, berets, and other sportswear featuring the leader’s “R G Mugabe” signature. It also manufactures a “1924” line—signifying the year of Mugabe’s birth, with products that were released in time for the president’s 89th birthday celebrations last month.”

The company was set up with Mugabe’s ok and was created “to propel [Mugabe’s] identity, to maintain his legacy.” I’m not sure what it means to propel an identity, but I do have a good idea of what Mugabe’s legacy is going to be, and it isn’t fashion-related.

In an awesomely ironic move, Mugabe is showing exactly what his legacy will be as he tries to wrestle control of the company now that it has become successful (I really hope people are wearing this clothing ironically).

Here’s a nice description of the dispute:

Matenda claims that Mugabe gave the brand his blessing when it was established in 2010, with no intention of reaping a profit from it. “The president does not want to make money,” he told an African correspondent. He explained that the brand’s informal agreement with Mugabe stipulated that the company donate to humanitarian causes once it turned a profit.” [Blogger note: LOL]

and the party’s response:

“It’s an intellectual property which we have to maintain,” a Zanu-PF spokesman told BBC. “We have allowed every Jack and Jill to do what they like about the whole thing. We want to control it to make sure whoever is going to use it will have to pay something. So we are going to restrict it as a party.” [Blogger note: that is certainly their comparative advantage].

I haven’t been able to figure out what has happened since 2013 about the dispute, although I did discover that the marketing director for the company has since been killed in a car accident.  Am I paranoid to immediately think of ZANU?

Here are some tremendous pictures of Mugabe and his wife dressing in matching clothing, embellished with photos of a young Mugabe on them.  The last photo is of a woman dressed similarly but in a way that has to be ironic (I hope).








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